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High Value Products (HVP) encompasses a range of services specifically designed for items of great worth, unique value, one-of-a-kind rareness, and irreplaceability.  Our years of experience with High Value Products has given 1st Leading Cargo the expertise to partner with our customers for cost-effective solutions that ensure success.  From high-end motorcycle shipping and antique transports to IT server migration, end of lease pick-up and more, we have handled delicate, irreplaceable items that exceed a value and necessitate the greatest expertise and service.

Some examples of our High Value Products Services Include:

  • Telecommunications and IT Server Moves:  We work with numerous large corporations to coordinate all aspects of server farm moves and transports.  These transports require working alongside technicians to execute all aspects of disassembly, specialized electro-static sensitive packing and air-ride transport.  We coordinate these moves during non-peak hours that fit best for your organization.  Our highly trained staff wears special clothing to ensure the valuable equipment remains safe.  We custom pack each item depending on the needs of the move (down the street or across the country). Our staff is thoroughly background verified and security credentialed due to the nature of these sensitive items.  We have the experience, expertise and success rate needed for the intricate level of service telecommunications and IT server moving requires.
  • Large tool boxes/cabinets:  Snap-on Tools and Matco tool boxes are expensive, heavy (500-700lbs) and on wheels, making moving or transporting them a service that requires great care and experience.  We execute packing that protects the paint finish and ensures the toolbox will not roll!  We also execute stackable box assembly when necessary.
  • Wine Cabinets:  Wine Cabinets are high-end products that require special attention not only for moving, but for placement as well.  Each wine cabinet requires custom packing and special transport.  We take great pride in delivering these HVP’s safely, and then placing them wherever the customer needs (often basements that require intricate care while scaling staircases).
  • Gun Cases:  Similar to wine cases, gun cases are heavy and expensive, requiring custom packing and specialized transport.  Placement is crucial for these kinds of cases that hold collectible items, basements and closets are popular places we execute moving gun cases to upon delivery.
  • Massage Chairs:  Large, bulky and heavy, these chairs often require expert disassembly (to fit through doorways) and specialized reassembly.  Our level of care and service for HVP’s makes massage chairs a great fit for our highly trained staff.
  • Arcade Machines:  From Pinball machines to juke boxes, we can and have handled an array of arcade equipment transport and moving, including antique pieces.  We take great care with this type of HVP, keeping every detail of each piece into consideration for custom packing, specialized transport solutions, careful placement and any assembly requirements.

High Value Products require a specialized shipping knowledge and service level that ensures a trusted and experienced team executing from beginning to end.  Honesty, integrity and ethical practices are paramount for HVP and 1st Leading Cargo has earned a solid reputation for all of those and more.  We are your trusted partner to meet all the challenges High Value Products cargo requires, always leading the way by putting our customers first.

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Through dedication and teamwork, we are committed to excellence in customer service and care. We deliver results that exceed expectations and strive every day to be the best at what we do.