Interior Designer Delivery and Storage 2017-06-02T17:52:06+00:00


Interior designer delivery and storage are crucial for the those in the design and manufacturing businesses. 1st Leading Cargo specializes in coordinating furniture moves between both interior designers and manufacturers. We proudly operate a 136,000-square foot warehouse, perfect for the storage of any-sized furniture. Our team realizes the importance of having a safe space to store your luxury designer pieces between moves. Real-time monitored and climate-controlled, our warehouse is the superior storage oasis for your inventory.

Furniture can be extremely difficult to transport, especially if it’s bulky, heavy or uniquely shaped. We’re experts in moving any type of furniture, including fragile or antique. The 1st Leading Cargo staff is highly-trained in all areas of furniture shipping and packing. We’ll customize packing solutions to ensure your furniture is delivered in-tact and on-time to your desired location. Contact 1st Leading Cargo today for unparalleled interior designer delivery and storage solutions today.