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Moving and storage are two difficult aspects to consider when purchasing a new home or relocating a business, especially for long-distance moves. Across town or across the country, 1st Leading Cargo will help reduce your stress, with specialized moving and storage solutions customized to meet your needs and budget.

From heavy office copiers to desks, computers, filing cabinets, bedroom sets, priceless family heirlooms and luxury furniture, we’ve transported it all. 1st Leading Cargo once dismantled and moved a Ford Model T Firetruck from the 12th floor of a Chicago office building to the ground level. This move required careful attention to intricate details and expert handling, skills our team are continually trained in.

In terms of storage, 1st Leading Cargo is unbeatable. Not only is our warehouse climate-controlled, but it is also real-time monitored by our inventory specialists. We have 136,000-square feet of space, which guarantees a spot for any and everything you need stored. Our team takes your moving and storage process seriously, and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.