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Sensitive equipment shipping and storage encompass just two of 1st Leading Cargo’s long list of specialties. We have the capacity and experience to ensure your sensitive equipment is stored safely and securely. With our 136,000-square foot warehouse, your inventory will be climate-controlled and real-time monitored by our highly-trained team of logistics experts. We keep our warehouse extremely organized, using a strategically designed Warehouse Management System (WMS). We’ll manage your sensitive equipment storage, so you can focus your energy on what matters most to you and your business.

From computers and servers, to copiers, televisions and lab equipment, sensitive equipment must be properly packed to avoid damage during the shipping process. We’ve all heard the horror stories of valuable equipment becoming unusable due to transport incidents. 1st Leading Cargo takes your shipping project to heart, customizing packing solutions to protect your sensitive equipment every step of the way. Our team will ensure your inventory is delivered in the same excellent condition it left our warehouse. Call 1st Leading Cargo today to speak with a member of our dedicated staff about sensitive equipment shipping and storage solutions for your business.