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Uncommon needs refers to anything that does not seem to fit the parameters of our more conventional services. When the unusual, challenging, and seemingly unreasonable request arises, 1st Leading Cargo customizes services and creates transportation solutions that deliver the results our customers need. We solve the problems nobody else will.

We pride ourselves for taking on the tough jobs and projects that other companies turn away, while upholding a reputation of respect, customer care and highly ethical practices.  Some memorable examples include a rare collectible antique fire engine disassembly and transport, a lengthy satellite move coordination, a cell tower fuel restocking and expediting parts for nuclear plants.  No matter what the requirements are, our team goes above and beyond to plan and execute every minute detail and ensure safety, success and superior services every step of the way.

If you have an uncommon need, the choice is clear. 1st Leading Cargo leads the way by putting customers 1st and solving problems, turning the seemingly impossible into reality. Contact us for a consultation today.

Our Mission


Through dedication and teamwork, we are committed to excellence in customer service and care. We deliver results that exceed expectations and strive every day to be the best at what we do.