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Warehouse storage management is one of 1st Leading Cargo’s greatest strengths. We make it our priority to keep our expert staff up-to-date in all areas of warehouse storage, packing and distribution. Whether you need storage solutions during your home move, or a space to protect your medical equipment, motorcycles or vending machines, 1st Leading Cargo is your go-to partner. Our fully-monitored, 136,000-square foot warehouse has the capacity to house your valuable personal belongings or business merchandise.

With our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS), our team can manage your products in real-time visibility, ensuring their safety and security. 1st Leading Cargo is well-educated on the dangers, and potentially damaging effects, of using fork-lifts to move inventory. When it’s time to ship your inventory from our warehouse storage to its new destination, our team will careful load your belongings into our delivery trucks by hand or with palette jacks. 1st Leading Cargo is dedicated to protecting your products at all costs, from shipping to receiving.