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Our warehouse is expansive, organized, monitored and managed. Our fleet is specially trained, maintained and technologically equipped. Our staff is laser-focused on teamwork, excellence and results, with the experience and expertise needed to solve complex problems. With all this and more, the primary reason 1st Leading Cargo is the best choice is simple: it is our service.

We incorporate all the technology, training, systems, software, trucks, tablets, policies and procedures for one reason and one reason only, to provide the absolute best service to our customers. Our customers are our reason for existing, period. We are passionate about doing whatever it takes to make our customers not only happy, but to sincerely exceed their expectations and earn their trust with respect and integrity.

We take pride in our excellent customer relationships and know that the biggest compliment from them is the countless referrals that have grown our business over the last two decades, frequently adding services to ensure unique needs can be met. 1st Leading Cargo is a company driven by superior service and total customer satisfaction. From step one, you will be treated like a VIP, because that’s exactly what our customers are to us. Contact us to see why the best choice is clearly 1st Leading Cargo.

We are also dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining environmental sustainability through the following methods:

  • Smart Way Transporter: A voluntary partnership with the EPA to reduce emissions through a measurable action plan and increasing community awareness.
  • Blanket Wrapping: Although we recycle whenever possible, packing every item with materials such as cardboard and Styrofoam increases the chances of waste being produced. By completely removing these packing materials and utilizing our Blanket Wrapping System, we allow products to be transported safely and in an environmentally sustainable method that removes the packaging waste factor completely.
  • Reusable Palletizing and Crating Inventory: Specialized freight often means specialized handling and packing; which usually means increased cost to your bottom line in order to ensure safe transportation. By creating our custom skids and crates from repurposed materials, along with our Blanket Wrap System, we are able to do two important cost saving things for customers in our network, while still promoting environmental sustainability:
    • Costs are reduced by not having to create brand new packaging for every shipment
    • Damage risk and costs are virtually non-existent because products travel safely packaged with custom made, repurposed materials
  • E-Waste Recycling: Electronic waste has a tendency of becoming a business’s ball and chain, often shoved into a closet or corner and avoided. Our partnership with STI has allowed us to help customers dispose of unwanted electronic materials responsibly, sometimes receiving a credit to offset the transportation cost.

Our Mission


Through dedication and teamwork, we are committed to excellence in customer service and care. We deliver results that exceed expectations and strive every day to be the best at what we do.